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Montaggio Rotaie - Quaranta S.r.l. Montaggio Rotaie
 Tracks: Maintenance and   assembly
 Truck crane hire
 Sale of used bridge cranes
 Bridge crane maintenance and   assembly
 Aluminothermic welding
 Certified weight hire
  Quaranta Group Srl
di Quaranta Demetrio
Via Luigi Pasteur, 7/D
25089 Villanuova sul Clisi
Brescia IT
Tel.: 0365 556622
Fax: 0365 564878

P.I. e C.F. 02652160983
Reg. Imp. Bs 02652160983
Cap. Soc. Euro 12.000 (I.v.)
R.E.A. di Brescia 467225.
Gru Movimentazione Carichi
  Sale of used bridge cranes

Our experience in the sector and our equipment make Quaranta Group srl an ideal partner for those who want to purchase a bridge crane or a fixed gantry crane. We have in stock machines with various capacities that we can adapt to your needs, as well as supplying the relative certifications required by law.

Carroponte fino a 10 Tonnelate    |        |    Carroponte oltre 20 tonnellate    |    Fixed gantry crane     |    Jibs crane    |    Impianti completi    |    Noleggio pesi per prove certificate    |    Vie di corsa    |        |    PARANCHI    |    


Carroponte fino a 10 Tonnelate

Quaranta 11
Quaranta 10
Demag 1
Quaranta 072
Omis GSB4
Quaranta 043

Omis 20
Vari Carriponti
Quaranta 052
Omis 10 / 2
Quaranta 061


Fixed gantry crane

Quaranta 059


Impianti completi

Gru a ponte Bitrave


Vie di corsa

Portata 5 Ton - Passo 11.000 mm.
Portata 10 Ton - Passo 9.500 mm.
HEA 200



Quaranta Group Srl
Bridge crane maintenance, aluminothermic welding, track installation, structural steelwork installation and assembly.
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